RhinoAlutec® Grating RhinoAlutec® Grating
Technical Specs
RhinoAlutec® Grating

Panel Size600mm x 600mm600mm x 600mm600mm x 600mm
Panel Thickness (nominal)55.00 mm55.00 mm55.00 mm
Panel Weight10.00 kgs11.00 kgs12.00 kgs
System Weight (typical)33.85 kgs36.63 kgs39.41 kgs
Point load 25x25mm sq4.50 kN5.56 kN6.67 kN
UDL/SQM12.00 kN14.83 kN17.80 kN
Ultimate load13.50 kN16.68 kN20.01 kN
RhinoAlutec® Grating

1.Non-toxic and non-combustible

2.Anti-corrosion and anti-magnetic

3.Impressive acoustic performance

4.Superb underfoot comfort

5.Light weight and high loading capacity

6.50% airflow rates

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RhinoAlutec® Grating
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