Technical Specs
RhinoROC® Airflow

Perf 800Perf 1000
Panel Size
600 x 600600 x 600
Panel Thickness35.00 mm35.00 mm
Panel Weight11.00 kg12.00 kg
System Weight28.00 kg34.00 kg
Concentrated Load3.56 kN4.45 kN
Uinform Load10.00 kN12.00 kN
Ultimate load7.12 kN8.90 kN
  • Static load performance is tested according to CISCA 2007 & EN 12825

  • Fire performance 2 hours fire rating is tested according to ASTM E119

  • Fire performance 1 hour fire rating is tested according to EN1366-6

  • Corrosion protection 72 hours is tested according to ISO 9227 Neutral Salt Spray (NSS)

  • Surface burning characteristics Class 1 or Class A is tested according to ASTM E84

  • Non-combustible is tested according to ASTM E136

  • Low VOC is tested according to ASTM D5116

RhinoROC® Airflow
  • All-steel structural design raised floors

  • 90% recyclable

  • Light weight easy install and removal

  • Powder-coated, protective epoxy finish

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