Technical Specs
SolidFeel® Felt
Product NameFelt Underlayment
Code No.Felt 3.0
TypeSound Barrier
MaterialFelt + Blue PE Film
Regular ColorBrown
Subfloor CompatibilityAll Types
Floor CompatibilityEngineered Wood & Carpet Flooring
Installation MethodFloating
Recommended UsageResidential & Light Commercial
IIC (Impact Insulation Class)71db
STC (Sound Transmission Class)69db
Sound Insulation21db
Water Absorption 28 Days★★★★★
Water Vapor Diffusion★★★★★
Thermal Insulation★★★  0.086m2 k/2
Moisture Proof★★★★
Suitable for Under-floor Heating★★★★
Mechanical Stress Rating★★★★
PackagePacked in rolls with PE wrapped
SolidFeel® Felt

1.Natural and sustainable product.

2.Impact noise reduction and thermal insulation properties.

3.High durability and long term resilience.

4.High performance with reduced thickness.

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SolidFeel® Felt
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