Technical Specs
RhinoROC® Covered C-trim
Panel Size
600 x 600600 x 600600 x 600600 x 600600 x 600600 x 600
Panel Thickness35.00 mm35.00 mm36.00 mm36.00 mm36.00 mm36.00 mm
Panel Weight14.00 kg15.00 kg16.00 kg17.00 kg18.00 kg19.00 kg
System Weight45.00 kg48.00 kg51.00 kg53.00 kg55.00 kg57.00 kg
Concentrated Load3.56 kN4.45 kN5.56 kN6.67 kN8.90 kN11.12 kN
Uniform Load14.00 kN17.00 kN19.00 kN22.00 kN26.00 kN31.00 kN
Ultimate load10.68 kN13.34 kN16.68 kN20.02 kN26.67 kN33.36 kN
  • This bolted stringer system is tested in accordance with CISCA 2007 specification

  • Panel deflection at centre edge must not exceed 2.5 mm

  • Performance to a safety factor of 3 x static load

  • Fire performance 2-hour fire rating according to ASTM E119

RhinoROC® Covered C-trim
  • Accommodates maximum dynamic loads to 33 kN

  • Interchangeable with other Roc panels

  • Quiet, with a solid feel underfoot

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RhinoROC® Covered C-trim
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