Technical Specs
RhinoROC® Covered F-trim

Panel Size
600 x 600600 x 600
Panel Thickness35.00 mm35.00 mm
Panel Weight14.00 kg15.00 kg
System Weight45.00 kg48.00 kg
Concentrated Load3.56 kN4.45 kN
Uniform Load14.00 kN17.00 kN
Ultimate load10.68 kN13.34 kN
  • This bolted stringer system is tested in accordance with CISCA 2007 specification

  • Panel deflection at centre edge must not exceed 2.5 mm

  • Performance to a safety factor of 3 x static load

  • Fire performance 2-hour fire rating according to ASTM E119

RhinoROC® Covered F-trim
  • Interchangeable with other RhinoROC® access floor panels

  • Quiet, with a solid feel underfoot

  • Powder-coated, protective epoxy finish

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RhinoROC® Covered F-trim
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